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Under da Hood

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Thugs lubed and laid in da garage!

Running Time: 1 hour 49 minutes
Black Lion’s buds throw him a party to celebrate his first year as the successful owner of the new garage. Spirits are high as the nine cut the cake, but the sweets most in demand are the juicy ass cheeks of the hot bottom bois!

PYT sneaks off to the waiting room so he can deep throat T.Y.’s big boner. He sucks the big black fuck stick until, breathing hard, T.Y. bends him over a chair and fucks him mad crazy! Meanwhile, Deka and Polo Starr mix it up, grunting, groaning and flip flop fucking. Hey, who’s the top, who’s the bottom?

Bonez fools around with Black Lion’s racing bike until Lion, pissed off, pushes him onto his knees and uses his big boner to make the thug stop talking trash! Soon Lion straddles his boi, lubing his fuck hole to the max. Gabriel bottoms for Tek, urging the stud to lay plenty of pipe on him. No problem! Not to be outdone, cute young Dogg offers up his cherry ass to T.Y. in a high octane encounter that will make you nut again and again!

  • Scene 1. Gabriel, Markell
  • Scene 2. P.Y.T., Ty
  • Scene 3. Dogg, Ty
  • Scene 4. Danger Zone, Bonez
  • Scene 5. Deka, Polo Starr

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