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Thugporn Hazing 2

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This ain’t your daddy’s frat – young thug pledges get their asses broken in by big black dicks during initiation rituals!

Running time: 1 hour 55 minutes
To punish Phoenix for sleeping late Intrigue makes him take every inch of his big black dick. Phoenix’s response is to yell, “Fuck niggah. Gimme that dick like I do it! Fuck that ass like I do!” Turnabout is fair play and Phoenix flip flops, fucking Intrigue who cries, “Fuck pledge, you give dick like I do!” Both thugz fuck each other fast, deep and hard, taking turns at the top position. Clearly, they are hot for each other’s cock. Lots of great close ups give you a bird’s eye view of all the XXX action.
Now it’s time for Black Lion and Lil Rock to clean the bathroom. Failing this task, Lion has to suck a dildo while Lil Rock swallows his boner. When Lion is fully erect, he fucks Lil Rock on the bathroom sink, destroying the bottom’s asshole, then rewards Lil Rock with a huge facial!
Rabbit’s initiation is to eat an entire huge jar of cheese balls while getting fucked by thug top Tek. When Rabbit drops some of the balls onto the floor he’s told, “Bitch, these ain’t the only balls you’re gonna suck!” After Rabbit sucks Tek’s boner down to his big balls, Tek uses his swollen dick to fuck Rabbit on the couch, bending the pliable bottom into the shape of a pretzel. All the while Rabbit has to keep eating those cheese balls! His compliance earns him a gooey facial, cheese balls included!
What frat initiation would be complete without playing beer pong? “Bitch you’ll straddle or take the paddle!” T-Porn is told as he loses the game. After sucking Jah stiff, T-Porn bends over to take dick. Jah sucks beer off of T-Porn’s back while fucking him dawg style. T-Porn’s cushiony buttocks shake with every hard driving stroke of Jah’s dick! This is one pledge who loves every minute of his initiation!
Intrigue tells the pledge to simply bake the chicken and put some BBQ sauce on it. The stupid niggah burns the fucking chicken! Wait till you see what happens when you burn the chicken! Johnny Boy makes Sexxy Antwan bob for pigs’ feet in a bucket of water, then suck his dick.

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