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When newcomer Rogue unleashes the power of his 10-inch cock, you know you’ve been thugged! Aided and abetted by a cast of dick and ass hungry men, this DVD is off da hook!

Running Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
When Rogue decides to take Brooklyn up on his offer of a free rub down, Brooklyn’s deep muscle technique soon invites Rogue to give him a deep anal massage! With a little oral TLC, Rogue’s love muscle grows and grows and grows, a hard fact that Brooklyn can’t ignore for long. As Rogue maneuvers his massive fuck stick into Brooklyn’s tight asshole, the look of pleasure on their faces in indescribable. You can tell that Brookyn’s been well thugged!

 Blood and X-clusive decide that stripping naked for some head banging sex is a sure cure to beat the boredom of hanging out. X-clusive uses his talented tongue to eat Blood’s tasty asshole out before putting the dude through a vigorous fucking. He bends Blood in two like a pretzel for deep penetration, then positions him doggie style over a couch to finish the anal invasion thug-style!

 Truth invites Intrigue to get his dick hard – Intrigue agrees, “As long as it’s worth it!” You know these two well-hung thugs are loving every minute of it as they get into a frenzy of wild ass fucking, with Truth hammering Intrigue’s sexy bottom with bold, deep strokes destined to make both thugs nut like crazy. And when Truth sprays Intrigue’s face with a steady stream of cum, you know he’s been thugged!

 Lil Slit says he has to move out in a week but Smiley knows the secret of keeping his bottom boi close at hand. Pushing Lil Slit to his knees, Smiley offers him his big black dick to worship, urging Slit to suck it, suck it good. Slit uses a variety of great cocksucking techniques, which inspires Smiley to turn him over and split his ass wide open! The dicking gets deep and passionate, bringing both men to explosive orgasms.

 Rogue tangles with 2 Tall, who’s been cheating on him. To tame 2 Tall, Rogue feeds him inch after inch of his ebony meat, stuffing the thug’s throat full of hard black boner. As 2 Tall struggles to swallow every inch, Rogue keeps asking him, “You want this dick?” It is apparent that 2 Tall does indeed want that dick as he offers up his meaty mounds for some ass-slapping fucking, provoking Rogue to finally splatter his face with a load of jizz.

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