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Thug bottoms Juice, Elmo, and Kurupt drain their power tops dry!

Running Time: 1 hour 49 minutes
Black Lion and T.Y. are looking for a bottom to fuck when they spot Juice. They tell him they’re both going to bang him out and Juice accepts! T.Y. tells Lion to go first. Juice strips and offers up his awesome buns of steel. Black Lion feeds him inch after inch of dick and nuts. Soon Black spreads Juice’s butt cheeks wide, battering Juice’s tight asshole relentlessly. The bottom can’t get enough!

Seduction invites Kurupt over to see his new work out machine. Seduction allows his shorts to slip and exposes his ebony dick. Kurupt is eager to show his oral skill, sucking, slurping and swallowing every tasty inch. Breathing hard, Seduction slams into Kurupt, banging the bottom boi halfway across the room. Their frenzied fucking builds to a fiery climax when Seduction nuts all over Kurupt’s sexy face.

Elmo hooks up with Nubius on the internet. Using web cams, Elmo shows off his bubble butt while Nubius displays his long thick cock. It’s time to meet for serious sex! Nubius adores Elmo’s naked ass and he tongues it, rims it, spits on it and buries his entire face in it until Elmo begs to be fucked. Nubius warms his delectable cheeks with a few sexy slaps, then bends Elmo’s legs behind his shoulders and serves him inch after inch of massive black dick.

It’s hot as hell in the laundry room so Kblaze invites Angel up for a cool drink.  K winds up drinking Angel’s fat dick, and Angel positions K on the couch with his phine butt poked up and open. Some serious thug banging goes down, with Angel using his hips like a battering ram. It’s still hot but no one cares!

It’s T.Y.’s turn to fuck Juice, who’s become a really horny slut! It’s obvious watching Juice work on T.Y.’s dick that he loves to suck cock. This bottom has no gag reflex! T.Y. can’t wait to feel Juice’s muscular ass take every inch of his fat dick and he’s not disappointed. When a muscle bottom like Juice wants to give you the fuck of your life, go for it!

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