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Straight Shooter

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Horny Straight Thugz Try Out Gay Sex on the Down Low!

Running Time: 2 hours 17 minutes

6 nut-busting' scenes of virgin boyz getting plugged! Featuring the hottest new boyz direct from Miami, Straight Shooter begins with a bang when Sexy Veteran decides he’s ready to try anal sex with another thug for the first time. He chooses his best friend Titan to turn him out. Titan warns Veteran that he’s got a really huge cock that might split Veteran’s virgin hole in two, but Veteran is brave. Good thing he is, since taking all 10 inches of Veteran is quite a job – but one that pays off in the end. After an incredibly passionate thug hookup, both men nut big time.

Vokalz suspects he can get Mendoza to do him if he can get him alone. He finally gets his chance and, as luck would have it, Mendoza is definitely interested. They hook up in the living room and screw on every chair, couch and rug in the place before blastin’ to awesome mutual orgasms!

Mr. Trill needs to use the bathroom while Jezzy is taking a shower ‘cause Trill desperately has to take a leak. When Jezzy gets a good look at all the inches Mr. Trill is packin’ he’s ready to be seduced. Dripping wet, he sinks to his knees and slobbers and tongues Trill’s tool until it’s wet, hard and ready to shoot. Trill drills Jezzy on the sink, hoisting his legs up and spreading them wide while he sinks every last inch into his hungry asshole.

Sho-nuff embarrasses Trey at a party when he calls him a fag in front of his friends. Trey locks himself in his room until Sho-nuff convinces him that he didn’t mean to embarrass him, he’s actually attracted to Trey. Trey really wants to have gay sex but is still a virgin. This is his big chance and he takes it…and takes it…and takes it!

Love doesn’t play. He sneaks into Skool Boi’s bedroom while he’s asleep and shoves his cock down Skool Boi’s throat! When he sees a thug he wants to plug, he goes ahead and takes what he wants. No tricks, no games, just pure thug sex at its nastiest.

Mr. Trill is driving by when he spots handsome Enrique on the street. He offers Enrique a ride that ends up at Trill’s crib, where he soon talks the new boy into trying out some black dick. Enrique soon finds himself on all fours, offering up his fine butt for a hot, wild ride that leaves nothing to the imagination!

  • Scene 1. Sexy Veteran, Titan
  • Scene 2. Mendoza, Sho-Nuff
  • Scene 3. Enrique, Mr. Trill
  • Scene 4. Love, Skool Boi
  • Scene 5. Mr. Trill, Young Jeezy
  • Scene 6. Mendoza, Vokalz

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