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Spread Dat Butta

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Thugporn Heaven ... FEROCIOUS ... Thug Style Sex

Running Time: 2 hours 17 minutes
Lil Nellie’s been dating KB’s sister for a few months. He comes over to pick her up for a date, but she’s not home so he decides to wait for her. KB has somehow discovered that Lil Nellie’s also been fucking his sister’s best friend and he threatens to rat Nellie out if he doesn’t play ball and suck his cock. It takes KB actually getting his sister on the phone for Nellie to agree and sink to his knees, mouth open wide. But hey, after a few minutes of juicy, wet cock sucking, Nellie realizes this isn’t so bad after all, in fact, it’s damn hot. Now he wonders what it would feel like to get fucked. KB doesn’t need any further encouragement, he’s more than happy to turn Nellie out and power fucks him till they both nut in a screaming climax!

Phat Daddy and Casanova Blue go to an out of town basketball game. Only problem, there’s only one motel room left so they have to double up and share it. Casanova’s exhausted and falls right to sleep. Phat Daddy’s horny and can’t resist playing with Casanova’s tight bubble butt. Ah, but is Casanova really asleep? Or just waiting for Phat Daddy to plug him with 12 inches of thug dick? Those screams you hear are not of pain but pure thug pleasure!

KB and Corey Corey are playing basketball when Corey Corey pulls his hamstring. KB helps Corey Corey to his crib and offers to massage his leg. Soon KB’s hands are moving higher and higher until his fingers close over Corey Corey’s huge, throbbing dick. While Corey Corey protests (but not much), it’s evident that he’s wanted some man-on-man sex for a long time. KB invades Corey Corey’s ass big time and it’s obvious that the randy bottom loves every pounding thrust.

Kaven Sincer stops by the Ass Professor’s house for a smoke. Then his natural curiosity gets the better of him and he tells Ass Professor that he’s heard around the neighborhood that he’s gay. Kaven has questions about the gay life and the Professor’s willing to answer them all. In fact, he’s also willing to give Kaven some first hand tutoring. Kaven’s a good student and is soon sucking all 11 inches of the Ass Professor’s magnificent cock before taking it up his butt. Kaven gets an A+ in man sex!

Loverboy’s cleaning his basement out when KB comes over to pick him up for a concert. KB accidentally knocks over a pile of magazines and discovers Loverboy’s stash of gay porn. He puts two and two together and realizes that Loverboy’s ready for his first gay experience. He’s right. Loverboy takes to cock like a duck to water. He can’t get enough and proves himself in a first rate sucking, rimming and fucking partner. Forget the concert, KB and Loverboy make their own platinum record!

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