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Sexual Healing 4

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With all of his friends cheating on their boyfriends, Skyy is lucky to have big hunky DeAngelo as his main man. These two mega superstars show each other some hot man lovin and pay all the attention to each other‘s cocks in asses. Skyy knows how to take care of a man's needs and DeAngelo delivers the ultimate fuck. Falcon exclusive Skyy Knox and Noir exclusive DeAngelo Jackson will break the internet!

  • Jigz really wants his divorce to be final and his lawyer, Titus, is taking care of it. When the two get together to sign the papers Jigz wants to celebrate! He's finally going to be a free man. When going out for a drink is not enough, Jigz decides that taking their relationship a little further is more to his liking. The two men have always been hot for each other, so finally they get to sample each other's dicks and asses. These two newcomers, Jigz Castelo and Titus McMasters, really take to being in front of the camera!

    Going on an interview was never fun for Casey Everett but he was looking forward to meeting with a wealthy gentleman, Deep Dic, to be his assistant. After listening to what he had to say and taking one look at Deep, Casey knew he would have to work his ass off for this position. Deep Dic doesn't disappoint in making Casey understand what kind of work might be required from time to time. Casey definitely "Nailed It" by taking that big, thick, black dick and landed himself a new position he'll be very happy with.

    Johnny Hill was astonished at how successful his old buddy Dillon Diaz had become since the last time they saw each other. Dillon was sexy, muscular, rich, and newly single. Johnny couldn't help but want some of what Dillon had, especially what was in his pants. Dillon couldn't help but want more, Johnny's big dick. Watch two old friends, reminisce, laugh, and fuck each other really good when "Old Friends" get together.
  • Scene 1: DeAngelo Jackson, Skyy Knox
  • Scene 2: Jigz Castelo, Titus McMasters
  • Scene 3: Casey Everett, Deep Dicc
  • Scene 4: Dillon Diaz, Johnny Hill

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