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Raw Assault

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Your dick will love all 5 big dicked RAW thug-filled scenes!

Running time: 2 hours
RAW ASSAULT begins when our all-time favorite Antonio Biaggi fucks the hell out of one of our most popular bottoms Robby Mendez. He starts by pounding him with his 11-inch monster cock in a sling and finishes in bed, nicely seeding Robby’s sweet ass as only Antonio can do. The look of bliss on Robby’s face tells you that he is in heaven when he gets that huge pole up his lil’ ass. Don’t miss this hot scene!
J. D. Magic makes his first appearance for us as his magic 13-inch dick destroys cutie Carlito’s tight ass. His blasting cock stretches Carlito to the max and totally wears him out. Finally J. D. shoots a huge load outside and inside Carlito’s pink hole, giving this scene a completely satisfying end.
Another of our most popular bottoms, Lil’ Papi, gets pounded by another Raw Strokes first-timer Dirty Red and his throbbing 10-incher. He goes deep in Lil’ Papi’s butt hole and leaves it all wet and stretched. Dirty Red delivers a huge load at the end which frosts Lil’ Papi’s cute face.
The fourth scene of Raw Assault introduces another newcomer Marcell with his 10-inch dick fucking lil’ cute bottom Isaiah Foxx. This is young Marcell’s debut porn scene, but he knows how to make our bubble-butt bottom moan. He shoots his load all over Isaiah’s mouth and face. Isaiah tastes it like a hungry cum slut should while jerking off and delivering a huge load himself.
Finally, master top Slim Thug slams his massive ten-incher inside Angyl’s ass. Slim Thug knows how to take care of Angyl’s little wet man pussy and Angyl is the lucky bottom who gets to please Slim Thug’s hole splitting monster. This assault ends with Angyl tasting Slim Thug’s nut as it’s shot all over his face and mouth.

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