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Menace to Str8 Thugz

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Gym Sex! Glory Holes! Hot thugz with big dicks and willing asses! 

Running Time: 2 hours 25 minutes
Mr. Sauki is one hell of a powerful black thug – impossible to resist, even for straight men. Menance opens with Mr. Sauki spotting Chyna, no slouch in the looks (or dick) department, at the gym. Chyna’s dropped in for a late workout, thinking he’d have the gym all to himself. When Mr. Sauki drops his rock hard dick down onto Chyna’s face, you see Chyna fighting the urge to suck, an urge he quickly gives in to. As Chyna swallows every succulent inch, Mr. Sauki smiles, knowing full well that Chyna’s hot ass will soon be wide open and willing to get fucked. The sex positions these two get into as they screw on every piece of gym equipment available are totally awesome and when they both nut they spew buckets of jizz all over each other.

Vaughn’s having computer problems so he calls Shooter to come fix them. While Shooter is working on the computer, he finds where Vaughn has hidden a huge stash of thug porn! Vaughn swears he won’t tell anyone if Shooter will let him suck his delicious dick. Soon after, Vaughn introduces Shooter to the pleasures of gay sex. Shooter’s a quick learner and you know this won’t be the one and only time he bends over for a hard dick up his ass.

Mr. Sauki and Blasian Asian are bored so they start watching a straight porn film. Blasian Asian calls some girls up, trying to get someone to come over and take care of his hard-on. But, no luck! Mr. Sauki puts in a gay DVD and convinces Blasian it’s cool to jack off together, no big deal. Blasian’s curiosity gets the best of him and it doesn’t take Sauki long to make Blasian suck his dick. No one’s bored now and the action moves to a butt-pounding climax as Sauki slams Blasian’s ass long, hard and deep.

City Mike and Sebastian Blue are on the same soccer team in college. After a hard practice, they hit the showers but only one showerhead is working. They decide to double up and City Mike catches Sebastian Blue checking out his big thug package. Sebastian Blue denies that he’s attracted but his hard cock gives him away! Soon Sebastian is on his knees sucking City Mike like a pro and you can bet that Sebastian Blue is no longer a virgin to every aspect of gay sex when he leaves the shower.

Out shopping, Mr. Sauki is looking for a new hoodie when Ty Boi comes in, looking for a pair of swim trunks. Sauki convinces Ty to try on a really skimpy suit and, when Ty Boi is in the dressing room, Mr. Sauki takes the dressing room next door, knowing full well that it has a glory hole in the wall between them! Ty takes a minute of convincing, but gives it up when he realizes no one will find out about his first gay experience. Ty sucks his first cock and Sauki fucks his virgin ass like a wild animal. Not for the faint of heart!

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