Lust And Desire

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Randy Blue has always had a thing about contrasts. Fans of the website can tell you that Randy often likes to pair up guys that are totally different. Guys with differing height, size, body hair, or personality are often matched up to highlight how their differences often compliment each others. This is erotically apparent in our interracial videos. Combining the hottest guys of varying ethnicities always makes for a stunning mixture of skin tones and physical attributes that can really enhance a scene. Sebastian Rivers just couldn't wait to wrap those hungry lips of his around Tyler Johnson's huge cock. He went down on it like there was no tomorrow. Being such a hot bottom he was just getting it ready for Tyler to plow his ass. Later, Tyler got to bottom for Sebastian and was so into it. They both shot nice loads but since Sebasian is known for his amazing cum shots he went the extra mile and made sure this was a good one. Tai Lee has such a fresh look about him, lean and smooth with just the right amount of muscle. He's definitely got the metro vibe and is absolutely adorable. Malachi Marx, on the other hand, has more of an edge. While he still brings his striking good looks to the table his beard and spiky hair show off his dirty boy streak. And watching him going down on Tai is so hot. They look so hot laying next to each other that you just want to crawl between them and let them have their way with you. And Malachi was really feeling it. He got so turned on that the sight of Tai shooting his creamy spunk all over his own chiseled abs made him drain his own balls all over himself. Eddie Diaz has raised sex to an art form. Eddie seems to light a fire under every video he's in making the temperature go through the roof! He's got the most adorable face, a body that is so beautiful you could cum just by looking at it, and a sexual energy that affects everyone around him. Putting him with Johnny Angel was an excellent pairing. Eddie wasted no time in getting down and dirty, digging his face deep in Johnny's eager ass, priming him for the anal invasion that was to come. And he loved riding Eddie's dick so much that after he came, he just kept on riding it. Expect lots of dirty talk, lots of hot action and lots of Eddie's spunk all over Johnny's face. And finally, Blake Riley and Christopher Ashlee had such great chemistry that once they got in front of the camera it was like they both realized they were going to get exactly what they wanted so they just let loose and ran with it.

Starring in Lust And Desire

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