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Lil Nellie: Pain in da Azz

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Lil Nelie is the black pornstar to watch. A size queen's dream come true!

Running Time: 2 hours 15 minutes
Darvin and Lil Nellie are chilling in the crib killing time before they go out cruising. Darvin needs to take a shower to freshen up. No problem, especially when Lil Nellie needs to take a piss. Lil Nellie knows that as soon as Darvin sees his huge cock, he’ll want to blow him! The sucky suck in the bathroom leads to ass eating in the bedroom which in turn leads to a full out, hot and nasty fuck. Lil Nellie knows how to use every inch of his big dick to plug Darvin’s juicy azz.

Meanwhile Kavin Sincer is worried about paying thousands of dollars in bills. His buddy’s mom is rich so Kavin begs Egypt to ask her for a loan. Egypt has always suspected that Kavin is gay but afraid to come out of the closet so he uses this opportunity to bring him out. After a little haggling, Kavin agrees to get down and suck Egypt’s cock. One good taste is all it takes for Kavin to go hog wild, slurping and swallowing the entire shaft. He doesn’t need any coaxing to push his butt up in the air and beg to be fucked hard, long and deep!

Casanova Blue and Lil Nellie are hanging out on the porch when Nellie gets a craving for a cigarette. He goes into Casanova’s bedroom to find one and discovers Casanova’s “in the closet” secret when he finds a stash of gay porn mags. Casanova admits he’s curious about gay sex but hasn’t ever experienced any yet. Lil Nellie offers to show his pal what he’s been missing and pops Casanova’s ass cherry in a hot and sweaty fuck session!

We find KB and Joey playing cards for a little cash. Joey runs out of money but thinks he can win it all back if KB will extend him credit. KB’s no dummy! If Joey wants the cash he has to blow KB. Joey takes the bet. KB raises with an ass fuck, then throws down a Royal Flush. Joey loses his pride, his money and his anal virginity all at once but…he’s a winner when it comes to a nut-draining climax that leaves him spent and sticky and happy as hell!

It’s time for basketball and Lil Nellie and Titan are on the road with their college team. They have to share a room. Lil Nellie decides to take advantage of his sleeping teammate and sucks Titan’s ten hard inches until his huge dick is rock hard. When Titan wakes up he’s pissed but Nellie convinces him that one mouth is the same as another. The sex gets so hot that it doesn’t take long for Titan to pop his boy cherry.

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