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In 2 Deep

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When this “super hung” cast of thugz, stars and newcomers unzip their pants and take out yards of dick, it’s easy to see why all of them will soon be in too deep!

Running Time: 2 hours 7 minutes
Shorty hasn’t seen his buddy in a while. It’s time to catch up and the best way to do that is to undress Jax, kiss him passionately, and give him a fantastic blowjob. Jax tells Shorty, “That’s right, sink your lips down on my cock, lick my balls, move your hands on my dick!” Shorty follows instructions perfectly, working the light skinned thug’s meat until his sex sausage is filled to bursting. Jax moves Shorty onto the bed. It’s time to get a good taste of the bottom boi’s juicy ass. Jax is not bashful; he eats that ass like it’s the best Barbeque in town, stuffing several fingers along with his tongue deep inside. He finger pops Shorty’s butt hole until the randy thug begs for his dick. Then the big guy begins the reunion with an ass smacking, pile driving fuck. He twists his boi’s body every which way, banging him without mercy. The two continue until Jax just has to nut, which he does all over his belly, then he bites Shorty’s tender nips and jacks him off all the while urging him to, “Pop that nut. You know you wanna give it to me!”

Twon owes Toney Star some coin but he’s coming up short. Toney suggests Twon gives up some dick instead, to which Twon says, “I’ve never done that before. I’m not sure how to do it.” Toney laughs and, while taking Twon’s cock out of his pants, replies, “It’s easy. I’ll show you how.” With that said, the two get extraordinarily passionate. For a novice, Twon’s got all the moves down pat. He lies on top of Toney, French kissing the randy thug, until the two sexy playaz strip naked and show off all their moves. For a dude who’s never fucked another dude before, Twon is an awesome top, power fucking Toney in positions guaranteed to give both the most bang for their buck. The horny top almost crawls all the way up inside Toney’s pliable asshole; he’s so worked up and in too deep to stop until it’s finally time for the money shot! Both good-looking newcomers work it, generating plenty of real sexual heat that’s guaranteed to have you nutting right along with them.

Redz wants Chinese food, Sean wants a burger, and they decide to compromise on the hot dog that’s hiding inside Sean’s pants! It’s easy to see that both young thugz are hungry for cock as they take turns sucking each other to full erection, lavishing plenty of TLC on their stiffening fuck poles. Wet with spit, the two swollen cocks vie for attention; both rock hard and ready to split open some ass! Sean’s pierced tongue works wonders on Redz butt hole, tickling and teasing the boi’s quivering anus until he begs to be fucked. Sean replaces his tongue with several fingers, getting Redz ready for a full on anal assault. He mounts him on top of a flat bench doggie style, which gives Sean tremendous traction. Watching Sean’s darker dick invade Redz lighter skinned butt is worthy of an Academy Award. Just when you think Sean is about to cum, Redz turns over so Sean can slide Redz cock up his own ass and ride it to orgasm!

With sunlight streaming through the blinds, Elmo wakes Jovonnie up with a sexy morning session of cock worship. Elmo knows how to tease and tongue Jovonnie’s big boner, which rapidly grows even bigger than usual! As the room lightens, we see every vein in J’s massive weapon as Elmo gamely tries to deep throat the demon dick. With a mischievous glint in his eyes, Elmo stops the blow job and says he has to go watch his favorite TV show! Jovonnie can’t believe this is happening to him. He follows Elmo, his heavy hanging cock still at full size as he urges Elmo to “Finish me off!” Elmo straddles Jovonnie, slowly lowering himself down inch by hard inch on the thug’s massive erection. It’s a damn tight squeeze, almost too painful to watch if it wasn’t so incredibly hot. This is what it means to be in2deep! Eventually Elmo is able to take all of Jovonnie’s man meat. He leans back and really enjoys the ride, facing front so we can see all the action up close. Not yet satisfied, Jovonnie stands Elmo up, bends him over and fucks him doggie style, urging him to “Take all that dick!” From one position to the next, Jovonnie is like a hound dawg after a bone, hips pistoning into Elmo’s ass at 100 mph. Both nut in explosive orgasms, ready to go back to sleep!

Minagh rings Jovonnie’s bell. He’s delivering a new TV. After sizing up the tall, handsome delivery guy, Jovonnie asks him to go into the bedroom so he can see how J’s got his TV set up in that room. Of course, Jovonnie’s no slouch when it comes to seduction and he’s got one of his movies playing on the big screen TV. The delivery dude’s a little shocked but you can see he’s also impressed by the size of Jovonnie’s cock. Minagh takes the lead, unleashing Jovonnie’s every ready cock from his jeans and J cooperates, giving Minagh more than a hand and mouthful! Both thugz undress and expose every inch of their hot bodies. Minagh continues to lavish oral attention on Jovonnie’s stiffie, keeping it at attention. Jovonnie asks, “How you want this shit first?” and Minagh counters with, “How you want it?” Jovonnie goes for a deep old-fashioned doggie style fuck first to break in his new bottom. Once he’s opened Minagh up, Jovonnie flips him on his back so he can plough him even deeper. Jovonnie’s in great form as he tirelessly fucks Minagh. The bottom cries, “Shit, this feels good!” Using both hands, Minagh pulls Jovonnie in even closer to him, making sure that every single wonderful, hard inch is buried deep inside his asshole. “Fuck!” Jovonnie cries, standing Minagh up and fucking him against the wall. M’s ass takes a beating and keeps on ticking. Next, Jovonnie positions M on his back, ass up in the air. Jovonnie is king in this position, stuffing Minagh to the max. Jovonnie may be in2deep but Minagh loves every second of it.

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