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Blame It On Rio

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There’s just no telling just how many scorching flip-fucks, raw threesomes, and big-dicked 10-men gangbangs will go down.

Gay porn powerhouse Rhyheim Shabazz takes viewers to scenic South America to join DTF men as they meet for the hottest hookups Brazil has ever seen. The collection of unforgettable fucks starts with the award-nominated group scene that started it all – Beau Butler’s first-ever gangbang. As soon as this beefy star arrives in Rio de Janeiro, he and his hot hole are greeted by Blessed Boy, Gabriel Coimbra, Marcelo Caiazzo, Markin Wolf, Gael, Samuel Hodecker, Grande Simões, Andy Rodrigues, and Alex Rosso for an all-day, ten-man gangbang he’ll never forget.

Andy Rodrigues continues the bareback action as he uses his oversized cock to top and stretch out Jordan Giraldi. Gael is the next bottom to take the center stage of the orgy as Gabriel Coimbra, Lucas Dias, Jordan Giraldi, Andy Rodrigues, Igor Lucios, and Liam Arnolds team up to spitroast him and cover his beard in their creamy ropes. After taking a quick outdoor shower on the balcony, Gael is ready for another round as Markin Wolf and his big dick join him for a cum-eating flip-fuck. Later, Lucas Dias is watching his reflection in the bedside mirror as his hungry hole gets dicked down by the massive meat of Gabriel Coimbra. Muscle daddy Marcelo Caiazzo then returns for more as he links up with Colucci and Icarus for a spontaneous three-way in an empty corridor that leaves all three men totally drained and Icarus’s smiling face covered in dripping seed.

Cast: Beau Butler, Marcelo Caiazzo, Markin Wolf, Gael, Samuel Hodecker, Grande Simoes, Andy Rodrigues, Alex Rosso, Blessed Boy, Gabriel Coimbra, Jordan Giraldi, Lucas Dias, Igor Lucios, Liam Arnolds, Colucci, and Icarus

DVD Runtime: approx. 2 hrs and 55 mins.

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