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Almost Straight Goes Black

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Jason Reed, a 20-something white-boy stud, shows us how much he loves black cocks and the tangy juices they shoot. Eight dudes fill up Jason’s mouth and ass with lots of long, fat inches of hard dick. He takes it all and still wants more. The little slut.

Mike is all tight, buff, inked and pierced. He says he gives all the ladies “a fair shot” when he is in a fucking mood. Lucky ladies. Mike’s cock is huge and he shoots a nice load all over Jason’s backside after fucking his pink hole.

Kryen Falls is 23 and says he always gets head on his dates with the women. This sounds like a throw-down challenge to Jason who wants to show Kryen how blow jobs should really be done.

Girls who take it up the butt are Billy’s favorite because he says ass is much tighter than pussy and there’s no chance of making babies. He wants the money today so he can buy his girl a birthday present. Jason hands over the dough after Billy gets his first guy blow job and blasts a load that Jason licks up.

When friendly guy Christopher complains his girl won’t let him fuck her ass, Jason is quickly on all fours offering up a sweet piece of tail. Christopher has no complaints about that and fucks away like a piston.

Sexy and smooth Anthony Baker’s dick is not straight, but he is. He works his uncut cock for the camera until Jason is all hot and bothered for a taste.

Muscle stud Ty Marks has done some straight porn and now is curious about gay. His 9 1/2-incher looks good in action and even better when it’s shooting.

Pretty boi Dustin “messes around” with guys, jacking and sucking them. He is down with Jason sucking his cock. He unloads a thick stream of cum on his rippled stomach.

College guy Neiman likes to party with blond girls and enjoys being single. Today is looking for a blow job. He came to the right place. Jason’s expert servicing of the black rod causes Neiman to say it was better than a girl’s mouth.

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