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Prime Meat

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10 Spicy Brazilian Studs Lock Lips & Hips in 6 Sizzling Scenes of Uninhibited Sex!

Running Time: 2 hours 5 minutes
There’s no denying it. Brazilian men are among the most passionate men on earth! To film Prime Meat, we conducted an extensive search for the hottest men in Brazil from one end of the country to the other, and we found them!

Wait until you see all 12 inches of Alex’s huge cock erupt with a volcanic load of hot cum.

Leon’s dark good looks were so compelling we had to put him on the DVD cover. When we saw Pedro, arms pumped and prick engorged, emerge from the pool dripping wet, we knew we had to capture him on film. Adriano is an adorable baby boi who begged to be the meat in an all man sandwich. Of course, we agreed and filmed one of the hottest threesome ever!

And so it went with each of the 10 gorgeous men in Prime Meat. We mixed and matched them and turned out a movie that is guaranteed to capture your erotic attention on every sexual level possible! When Dado moans, “Ah, delicious!” as he’s being fucked doggie-style, we know you’ll agree with him. Prime Meat is delicious!

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