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Paybacks a Bitch 2

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Jovonnie and his thug buddies are back for a second round of sexual revenge!


Running Time: 1 hour 29 minutes
Some thugz really know how to put da hate on a dude. Cheat on him and twist his guts. But revenge is twice as sweet in Paybacks a Bitch 2!

Da Bod is working out when his buddy Kavasia stops by the gym. Da Bod is pissed. “Man, this dude I’ve been seeing is really fucking me up. I’ve been paying his rent but I’m sure he’s cheating on me so last night I followed his ass and guess what? He’s cheating with a woman! Dude must be bi-sexual, he sure ain’t gay!” Cracking a grin, Kavasia explains, “Man, a gay guy would suck your dick for free! Come over to my place for a drink.” Once home, Da Bod asks if he can  take a shower? Kavasia agrees. Da Bod’s gorgeous body covered in soapsuds brings out the voyeur in all of us and Kavasia’s no exception. Butt naked, he joins Da Bod, kissing the thug before sucking Da Bod’s already swollen joint. The two take turns spit shining each other’s knobs, then Da Bod moves his boi out of the shower and positions him over the john, ass pushed up and out, ready for a doggie-style assault. Kavasia takes every hard inch Da Bod has to offer, pumping his butt back on the rigid fuck stick with fervor. Craving even deeper penetration, Da Bod pushes Kavasia onto his back on the sink, where he can pound his tight asshole even harder and faster. A large mirror over the sink gives you an erotic.. double image of the action, which finally heats up to the money shot. Back in the shower, Kavasia cums first, coating his belly with several loads of jizz. Da Bod joins in, spraying his joy juice all over his darker skinned torso, a load that looks good enough to eat!

When Treshawn Valentino spots D’Rell by the side of the road, looking glum, he discovers the problem is that D’Rell caught his boyfriend and their best friend fucking! Treshawn knows a quick cure, which involves beer and a blowjob. D’Rell agrees, saying “I sure hope this works. I ain’t had no good dick in a long time.” T’s ten inch ebony rod fits perfectly into D’Rell’s mouth. D’Rell’s got a thing for toe sucking, and he works Treshawn’s foot like it was a cock, snaking his tongue into every sensitive crevice. T’s dick just gets harder until he can’t stand it anymore and pushes D’Rell’s face into the couch, mounting him from behind, pounding his ass with fast, strong strokes that cause his bottom boi to scream in pleasure. Soon he flips him, working D’Rell’s plump butt to his advantage. Treshawn is a strong top and he knows how to plumb every inch of D’Rell’s tight chute. As he fucks him in a multitude of positions he asks, “So is payback a bitch or what?” D’Rell agrees as T’s huge dick spits a mess of gooey cum all over his face.

King Dingo catches boyfriend Wishes on the phone, bragging about a guy who’s just fucked him for three hours with a ten-inch cock. Pulling out his impressive piece of meat, Dingo yells at Wishes, “Suck that dick. Get it all the way down your throat!” Wishes does as he’s ordered, obviously loving every hard inch of dick that’s causing him to gasp for air. When all ten plus inches of Dingo’s impressive boner are rigid, he positions Wishes on hands and knees, cramming his entire dick all the way in while taunting him, “Payback’s a bitch, right? You ever gonna cheat on me again?” Watching Wishes take all of Dingo’s impressive cock you know the bottom can’t handle more. “Get on your back,” Dingo commands, “so I can fuck your brains out!” Dingo uses his anger to fuel an awesome fuck, stuffing Wishes’ butt full of thug sausage. The horny bottom gives as good as he gets, inspiring Dingo to ram him harder and deeper until he pulls out and spray paints Wishes’ face with hot spurts of thug juice.

Terry, the pizza delivery guy, rings Phat Daddy’s doorbell just as Daddy’s BF calls on his cell. Hearing the doorbell, BF becomes agitated and accuses Daddy of cheating on him.  Pissed off, Phat Daddy hangs up on the dude, cursing him out while the pizza guy suggests Daddy may as well do the deed since he’s getting the blame. Terry offers Daddy a hot slice of pepperoni while he pulls Daddy’s big Blatino weapon out of his pants, works it between his lips, sucks the knob, and licks the entire length, obviously happy with this spontaneous encounter.  Phat Daddy rises to the occasion, his swollen cock waving in the air and what a sight to see it is! Terry undresses, revealing a very sexy, full ass, the kind of butt Daddy can’t refuse to fuck. Watching Daddy’s cock slide up Terry’s asshole is mesmerizing, Terry’s plump cheeks bounce in time to the rhythm of the fuck, and his face registers a vast range of emotion. Phat Daddy has found the right bottom for his payback and you know, as he coats Terry’s smiling face with a full load of cum, that Daddy will be back in Terry’s crack again soon!

Jovonnie’s and Jazz are hanging out. Where is BF City Boy? “I don’t know,” Jovonnie admits, “I haven’t talked to him in a while.” Jazz has his eye on the prize, Jovonnie’s big, beautiful cock, so he shyly suggests, “Well, I’m here so how about we fool around?” It doesn’t take much to convince Jovonnie. Jazz knows how to work every inch of Jovonnie’s steel pipe, sucking and jacking it to its full glory. Jovonnie enjoys the oral attention for as long as possible before pushing Jazz down on the couch and fucking his ass hard and deep. Jazz devours Jovonnie’s dick, his tight asshole literally sucking up every inch of meat. City Boy may be out screwing around, but Jovonnie’s definitely getting some wonderful sexual payback! When two hot thugz get it on, fireworks explode. Jazz gets more dick than he bargained for in this non-stop romp and eventually he begs Jovonnie to cum! But Jovonnie’s not done yet, he’s got a few more moves to put on Jazz before he achieves the perfect payback – and so will you!

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