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Donkey Dick Nut Junkies

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 The all-new Mecos movie Donkey Dick Nut Junkies (Of Mexico) features seven bareback fuck scenes and stars the biggest Mexican uncut cocks and the sluttiest whore holes. El Malas and Loghan cum hungry and have no intention of leaving without having their fill. These pigs trade off tasting what the other has to offer with long slow lip covered dick strokes and deep sack sucking gulps of flavour - muy caliente! Jimmy is just jonesing for jizz when he invites Macanao Torres over to supply some semen. Like any good trick he's waiting in his underwear, ready to get spat on and tongue bathe a horny stranger. Darwin and El Lobo venture to a cozy cum stained corner of a local gay bar/sex club where they encounter Lalo Santos. The three strip down and the dicks start swinging. With cocks on either side, Darwin starts sucking the horny hombres, getting his ass smacked, and getting ready for the main event. Treasure Island Media's own marked man and American pig Sky ventured down to Mexico City looking to be used. He was so horny he could eat a horse. What he got was pretty close - Mike's colossal cock meat is a fine substitution that never gets any complaints. While Sky wolfs down every inch of dick like it's his last meal, Mike buries his face firmly between Sky's slutty cheeks, savouring the taste and aroma of hot man ass. Donkey dick, Dorian encounters beefy butt, Brayan and the result is an instant attraction. They start making out, and it is not long before Dorian has his dick in Brayan's mouth, guiding his throat down the length of his impressive endowment - holding him to the hilt and choking him on his chorizo. Brayan gasps for breath, with thick sticky ropes of spit and pre-cum between his lips and Dorian's dick! A basement blowjob becomes a cellar skull fuck. David Negrete has Brayan on his knees, dutifully servicing his thick slab of uncut fuck meat. With a little encouragement - and David's hand on the back of his head - Brayan swallows the entire cock, opening his throat to easily take it down his gullet again and again. Back at the sex club, Jimmy wanders the back halls looking for trouble. He finds it when he turns a corner to see Dorian in the next room. Slowly stroking his cock with a piercing stare, he's successful in luring Jimmy right where he wants him - to the glory holes! Cast: Loghan, El Malas, Jimmy, Macanao Torres, Lalo Santos, Darwin, El Lobo, Sky, Mike, Dorian, Brayan, David Negrete

Starring: Brayan, Darwin, David Negrete, Dorian, El Lobo, El Malas, Jimmy, Lalo Santos, Loghan, Macanao Torres, Mike, Sky

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