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Coming Home Early: Big dick, Trent King, decides to come home early because he’s not having fun on his vacation. He comes into his house that is being watched by his best friend Adrian, when he goes up to his bedroom he finds Adrian getting nasty. The two guys have always played grab ass, but they’ve never had sex until now. These two best bros give in to their desires and soon they become a lot more than friends. Big hot cocks are about to go down willing throats and uptight hot asses.

When The Wife's Away: Horse hung Mr. Cali and ultra-sexy Aaron Reese are getting caught up on some well-needed dick sucking. Suddenly they’re interrupted by Mr. Cali‘s stepbrother, Armond Rizzo who misses his stepbrother's cock. After a little fumbling around and finger-pointing, the three decide it could be awkward or it could be fun…they choose fun. Armand and Aaron fight over Cali‘s huge uncut dick and both men want to taste of Armond‘s sweet ass. Aaron and Cali take turns screwing Armand‘s ass and all three men explode in creamy juicy ecstasy!

My Best Friend's Guy: Avery has been spending a lot of time at his boyfriend's house and it’s getting on his roommate's nerves! The only thing is, Dillon has a crush on Avery and Avery’s young tight ass! After some shuttle flirting Dillon goes to take a bath and Avery follows. What happens next is some fucking hot sucking, rimming and fucking!

Business Trip Bang: Maxx and Titus are off on a business trip together. They're best friends so they always stay together. They arrive at their rental house and decide to christen their trip. Max had something in mind but Titus wanted to do a couple of shots. The two men joke and laugh and when they’ve had enough tequila, They start to tell each other secrets. After confessing how much they really like each other outcomes the huge cocks to be taken care of. Superstar Max Konnor takes care of newcomer Titus's Willing hole. And when these two studs are through it's a completely successful business trip.

Starring: Mr. Cali, Armond Rizzo, Aaron Reese, Trent King, Adrian Hart, Max Konnor, Titus McMasters, Dillon Diaz & Avery Jones. 

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