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Tiger Tysons Lost Basement Tapes  $29.95 
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Product Id: #464
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Tiger Tysons Lost Basement Tapes
Starring: Carlito aka Sho Nuff, DeMarco, Dmitri, JD, Junior, Marlo and Tiger Tyson.

Never-before-seen footage of Tiger’s first adult scenes!!
Only At

Running time: 1hour 40 minutes

See how the worlds' greatest Latin lover got his start!  This never-before-seen footage of Tiger’s first adult scenes, filmed when he was just 18, was discovered in an old box in Tiger's basement. He thought they had been stolen…lucky for you, they weren’t!
Carlito stops by Tyson’s apartment, where he’s working on his website. They share a drink, then Tiger leaves to take a shower and get ready for a party they're going to later on. Carlito follows Tiger into the shower, watching as Tyson soaps his famous 10.5” tool, and it's game on! Carlito strips off his clothes and hops in, grabbing Tyson's dick and massaging it until it's hard as a rock. Kissing, they move to the bed and Carlito starts giving Tiger head. Tiger then proceeds to fuck him up, down, and sideways before shooting a thick stream of cum all over his washboard stomach.
Marlo and DeMarco are waiting for Tiger at his apartment. DeMarco goes to get dressed.  Marlo follows DeMarco into the other room and pulls DeMarco's towel off. “I don’t get down like that!” DeMarco shouts, but Marco’s tongue on his fat cock changes his mind in a hurry. DeMarco rims him so hard he comes up off the bed when Tiger walks in unexpectedly and takes charge, ripping Marlo’s ass wide open before the three collapse in a sweaty pile of jizz. The cum-covered bottom moans, “So that’s what it feels like to be a porn star!”
Dmitri and JD are sitting on the couch smoking. They start kissing and making out. Dmitri blows JD and strips him, before taking his own clothes off. He eats his ass and then fucks his mouth. They move to the bed, and JD eagerly gets on his stomach so he can get his asshole stretched out! Dimitri gives JD a wild thug fucking, then blows a huge wad on JD’s stomach as Tyon unfortunately arrives too late to join in!
Tiger, dressed only in a hot red robe, does a slow sensuous strip tease, eventually taking the robe off so he can oil his gorgeous young body up, then he gives us some of his famous strip moves, all the while jacking to the music until he cums, spraying a huge nut everywhere!
It’s time to shoot another scene for the movie and the only model around is Dmitri. This top is in for a special treat…giving up his virgin asshole to Tiger! “Suck that dick!” Tiger commands, as Dmitri deep-throats his massive 10.5” cock. A knock at the door interrupts them, and Junior walks in, ready for the shoot Tiger had forgotten he had scheduled. “You came at the perfect time!” Tiger exclaims. Junior gets his mouth double-stuffed full of their dicks before getting his ass stuffed full of Tiger! Tiger says, “This ass is good, want some?” and Dmitri happily accepts. He and Tiger both nut all over Junior’s chest and stomach, then Junior jerks himself off!  
Bonus Scene: Tiger Tyson Jerk Off
The camera catches Tiger stretched out on his couch, dick in hand, as he settles in for a long, slow leisurely jack off session! The music keeps time with Tiger's stroking fingers as he brings his 10.5 tool to its full potential. As his boner grows fatter and longer, Tiger’s strokes grow faster and faster. Ah, the Tiger groans in pleasure, as he shoots a sky-high geyser of cum in the air!
Bonus Scene:
This footage was shot during a Tiger performance at a NY club. See the Tiger strip and shake his booty for the adoring crowds! This is young Tiger at the top of his game! He has all the right moves and the audience panting at his feet. You can see why, even at such a young age, Tiger was destined to become a world-renowned porn star. He has the “X Factor” oozing out of every pore!

Tags: big dick, Latin, Tiger Tyson at 18, young
Tiger Tysons Lost Basement Tapes
Click to enlarge
Tiger Tysons Lost Basement Tapes
Click to enlarge
Tiger Tysons Lost Basement Tapes
Click to enlarge
Tiger Tysons Lost Basement Tapes
Click to enlarge
Tiger Tysons Lost Basement Tapes
Click to enlarge
Tiger Tysons Lost Basement Tapes
Click to enlarge
Tiger Tysons Lost Basement Tapes
Click to enlarge
Tiger Tysons Lost Basement Tapes
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